Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singles ward = "grown up" Primary

It has become a bit of a tradition at our house to swap funny stories when we get home from church on Sundays. Kimberly and I tell of our latest singles ward adventures, and Mom shares her cute Primary stories. Over the past few weeks, though, it has become increasingly apparent to me that singles wards are not really that different from Primaries.

When I moved to Provo for the first time, I was a little surprised to find that college students aren't really adults (despite all the lies I had been told that I was going out into the "real world")--they're basically just kids in fully capable bodies. Without the harsh judgments and self-centeredness of high school students, these recently released "inmates" had no problems with chasing ice cream trucks, standing on their heads, taking race car lunch boxes to school, and watching Disney movies for FHE.

Some similarities I have observed between young singles and small children:
  • You have to keep them entertained if you want to keep their attention. If you're not funny, nobody likes you.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to play with toys. My current ward has a Barbie--named Mr. Rochester--who has 2 outfits and his own chair for choir practice.
  • It is impossible to get them to stop talking.
  • Getting them to sing is quite a job. (Not so at BYU, however. BYU students' willingness to sing the hymns with gusto is the thing I miss the most about BYU wards.)
  • They are greatly underestimated by the "real" adult population.
  • They don't think bedtime is necessary.
  • Disney movies are considered an accurate representation of real life.
  • $10 is a lot of money.
  • A lot of tattling takes place, and a lot of times the bishop has to resolve it.
  • They want to be taken care of, but will lash out if you try to tell them what to do.
In conclusion, I don't think people ever truly outgrow their childhoods. We're all children at heart, and that makes for a lot of awesome personalities and adventures.


  1. Angie - this thrills my heart. Awesome - and so very true...

  2. By the way - do you really work for ChartLogic? I think we rate them - and you working for them is awesome! Yay for EMRs and healthcare IT.

  3. Yep--I'm at ChartLogic. I keep seeing job openings for KLAS. If I hadn't ended up at ChartLogic, I think I would still be in the healthcare industry because I definitely would have applied there. Life is funny sometimes. Oh--and congrats with the new job, by the way. :)