Monday, November 15, 2010

My Life is Harry Potter

During my last year in college, I discovered the website I would check it every now and then when I got bored, and I usually spent way too much time on it. Then one day, I found and I was quite excited. A lot of the posts were sort of dumb, but I pasted a few of my favorites here. I guess I'm not the only one that lives with my head in the Harry Potter cloud.

Note: I tried to leave every post the way it was written, but I just couldn't stand some of the grammatical errors, so I fixed them. Please don't sue me for trying to make the world a better place.

"Today, I was at the gym and I was feeling a little self-conscious because my hair was really big and frizzy. As I walked across the gym, someone says to me 'SUP HERMIONE?!' and I didn't feel self-conscious anymore."

"Today I spent 3 hours looking up Harry Potter vs Twilight things, and I am proud to say that our favorite wizard beat those gay vampires by a long shot, and that Hermione beat Bella. My life is now happy. And as long as Twilight remains stupid, and Bella idiotic, and Harry Potter the best thing that ever existed, it shall remain that way."
I only kept this one because it makes absolutely no sense at all; therefore, it makes me laugh every time I read it.

"Today, my facebook friend asked me what Harry Potter was. I immediately De-Friended her."

"Today, I taught my dog to come when I say 'Accio dog.'"

"Today, I was on Facebook, and under recommended pages it said 'Harry Potter. Many people who like Harry Potter like this.' Yes, yes they do."

"Today in Target, some random guy came up to be and said 'The sorting hat told me that I belong with you.' Guesss who has a date for tomorrow night? Oh, not me. He was really creepy so I ran away."

"Today, I was driving down the highway and I saw a car with license plate 'Muggle.' When I passed it the driver was a ginger with a beard and a faux hawk and he had lots of tattoos. I've decided it was a wizard trying too hard to blend in."

"Today, my friend and I decided to impress our Harry-Potter-hating teacher. In the middle of his lecture, she stood up, pointed a wand at me, and yelled 'CRUCIO!' I rolled all over the ground, writing and screaming in agony. We thought we were the coolest kids in the room. No one else laughed."

"Today I sang the entire Mysterious Ticking Noise and had a wizard duel with Cleverbot. The future of artificial intelligence is looking bright!"

"Last night, I dreamed I was at Hogwarts. Then, my mom woke me up. I'm still not speaking to her."

"Today, I realized that even though Harry Potter had magic, us Muggles could have found out who Nicolas Flamel was in two seconds using the internet instead of searching through a library for weeks."

"Today my dad came home from work (he's a professor at a law school) and told me that he had been reading through the textbook he uses for his class. One of the case examples was Harry Potter being on trial for the use of underage magic in the Ministry of Magic."

"Last night, I was in my room and my light went out, so I picked up my wand and aimed it at my light and said reparo. The light came back on."

"Recently, in Algebra Two, in the back of my math book was 'This is the property of the half blood prince.' That book contained all the answers to the homework along with easy tips to use on the calculator. I got an A in the class."

"I just realized that Voldemort would really like Twitter. You don't call your contacts 'friends,' you call them 'followers.'"

"Today, I yelled 'TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!' at my dogs because they wouldn't be quiet."

"I only went to see eclipse just to see the new harry potter trailer on the big screen."

"I have a dog. Her name is Jk Growling."

"Today I told my sister the best comeback ever. 'Your mom looks like Voldemort.' Then I realized we have the same mom. Oops."

"My birthday is the same day as Harry Potter's. This past year I was so excited for his birthday, that I almost forgot about the fact that it was also my birthday."

"I was in London today at King's Cross Train station, me and my friends proceeded to find the inbetween of platform nine and ten. We definitely tried to get through the wall just as an attempt. After we did it about three or four times a man came up and said to us 'We have had about enough injuries from people running into this wall, please please please be careful!' Looks like were not the only ones who try."

"Today was my 12th birthday. I got a letter from my grandma with 100 dollars in it. I cried because it wasn't from Hogwarts."

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