Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Apocalyptic dreams

As has been mentioned before, I have lots of dreams. Most of them contain at least one of the following elements:
  • Harry Potter
  • Lost
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Getting married
  • The end of the world
My apocalyptic dreams win the poll by far (though every now and then I will be repeatedly experience the woes of being a pizza driver). Last night I had another classic: it involved a heroic escape on a dragon (which we borrowed from a Chinese dude who lived on a big boarding house) with the man of my dreams.

My apocalyptic dreams aren't usually that scary, even though they involve lighting-fast lava, moody tornadoes, nuclear bombs, and raging floods that fill the entire world. (And frankly, if I get to ride on a dragon for 48 hours with a guy I am completely in love with, it kind of detracts from the gravity of the situation.) Oddly enough, I have never had an earthquake-themed dream, even though that is the only plausible natural disaster that could happen in Utah: Mt. Nebo is NOT a volcano (despite my childhood fears), floods don't just start at the top of the mountains, and tornadoes are very rare in this state. Yes, we did have a tornado in Salt Lake about ten years ago, but I think that was just a fluke. :)

So I guess I am a little bit bemused that I keep having these apocalyptic dreams. I'm not complaining—they usually make for really great stories—but I just wonder if there is a reason why I keep having these dreams.

Maybe my dreamlike obsession with the end of the world has its root in my childhood fear of all of the destruction of the second coming (particularly the mountains falling down). I remember walking around Lagoon once and wondering how all of the families could look so happy when the mountains were about to crush us all at any second. And it's not like my driving-off-the-cliff dream that I stopped having once I made it to the bottom of that 180-degree hill; I always finish these dreams. And besides, they don't scare me. But maybe there is a part of me that was just scarred for life by all the destruction we read about in 3 Nephi.

It could just be my fascination with natural disasters. I've never actually been through one, but I think they are really cool. Not the death and destruction part, but the fact that nature can put up such an epic battle that man has no chance of stopping. Storms always make me really hyper—the more intense, the better.

Or maybe I'm just really curious what the end of the world will be like. Maybe this is because I'm young and I have a hard time picturing myself dying of old age, but a lot of times I fantasize my life ending with everyone else's at Armageddon.

Actually, I think the real reason here is that I watch too many movies.

I wonder what the next epic dream will be like. Maybe it'll involve me marrying Volemort on a time-traveling island that is being chased by lava that is really pizza sauce.

I guess there are some advantages to being a light sleeper—I get to remember most of my awesome dreams.

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