Sunday, October 3, 2010

General conference weekend! Woo hoo!!!

Like many of you out there, I absolutely love conference weekend. It's pretty much like Christmas, only we get it twice a year rather than just once. For starters, I get to spend an entire weekend in my pajamas with my hair braided, I have an excuse to cross-stitch and/or crochet for hours on end, we get tons of superb food, no church meetings on Sunday, and lots of quality family time. Then add the spiritual feast that is spread out over 2 days and things just can't get a whole lot better than that.

I've always found it quite fascinating to hear from other people what they thought the theme of conference was and what their favorite talks were. A lot of the time, people express similar themes and favorite talks, but there are also a surprising number of different themes and favorite talks. It just goes to show that conference speaks to all of us individually and in our own special ways.

So, some of my favorite conference moments:
  • Elder Holland's reminiscing from before the dawn of time and his words of thanks to his mother.
  • "But what does that have to do with flying an airplane?" Possibly the most awesome thing that has ever been said in conference.
  • The family choir. That is one of the most precious things I have ever seen.
  • As usual, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was amazing, but I thought "We Thank Thee, O God for a Prophet" and "Come Let Us Rejoice" were particularly powerful.
  • President Eyring's talk on trusting the Lord.
  • Elder Oaks' clarifying points on personal and general revelation.
If I had actually taken notes like I had planned, that list would be a lot longer. Maybe next conference . . . And some day, I am going to dress up like a guy so that I can go to the priesthood session so I can hear the MTC choir. I think they should sing at the Relief Society broadcast; I am quite sure that would boost attendance.

As for the theme? It was a bit harder than usual for me to put my finger on it this time, but I think it would have to be centered on not following the ways of the world and simplifying our lives, particularly by weeding out certain technologies. President Eyring's talk really struck home to me. Being the independent person that I am, I sometimes forget that God is in charge of all things and that he will make sure everything is okay—that is not entirely up to me.

It is somewhat scary how often we keep hearing the pornography, immorality, and drug talks, but this conference I was particularly struck by how lovingly the Bretheren addressed us when they touched on these topics. They weren't rebuking us, but rather encouraging us to change, filled with love and hope. While I don't have any of those issues in my life, I know that these problems are growing alarmingly fast in the church, but the Bretheren will not give up on these people because they know that through the power of the Atonement, miracles will happen. Their genuine love and concern for each of us was more action-inspiring than any rebuke ever could have been (unless, of course, it was delivered by Jeffery R. Holland; his talks are always awesome).

So the presents are opened and the house is a mess; now it is time to clean up and use our presents the best way we know how, praying that they will last us until next general conference.

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  1. Second the MTC choir suggestion. There is something about all-male choirs that gives the chills of awesomeness.

    Also - love the present metaphor :-)