Monday, October 25, 2010

The battle between fall and winter rages on

I woke up to a strange sight this morning: there was snow on the ground, but there were also brightly colored leaves on the trees. Huge black clouds were trying to overtake the horizon, but blue patches of sky were still shining through. The last stage of the fall–winter war is upon us.

So while I am going to miss seeing this familiar sight . . .

. . . I am looking forward to see this again.

All I can say now is this: Battle on.


  1. That's a familiar photo :) I still can't believe you took it yourself - it looks surreally-unreal.

    Also - I love the last picture. It's pretty epic.

  2. It's really weird that it was a whole year ago that we saw way too much of this picture. :) And credit the camera and the flash that I forgot to turn off for the supremely awesome picture, not me.