Friday, September 3, 2010

Workout week 1: Success!!

I know a lot of people who are always preparing for a marathon or triathlon or that are always lamenting that they didn't get their morning 5-mile run that day. Quite frankly, I think those people are crazy. If I had the choice between running a marathon and jumping off a cliff, I think I would have to take the cliff: it would be a lot faster and less painful.

However, I have to admit that I have quite a bit of respect and admiration for runners. I will only run if I'm in a room all by myself where no one can see my red face, I don't have to sacrifice any sleep or playing time, and there is a TV in front of me to help pass the time. Sure, running can be fun when you're dashing to first base, diving for a frisbee, or racing someone down the street, but that only requires a couple of seconds of adrenaline and energy. Anything that lasts much longer than that is just not worth the pain.

Now that I am jobless and done with school, one of the first things on my list of things to do was to get started on a workout schedule again. I spent the last couple of summers jogging and lifting weights with the Gilmore girls (although I did all the work—all they did was eat and talk). So I've been watching Lost again. I owe a lot of my good health to TV shows that come in DVD form. I don't look forward to the sweat and pain every day—I look forward to seeing what will happen to the characters next.

And boy, am I sore. But I successfully managed to work out every day this week. And already I feel better mentally and physically. I'm not completely hopeless in the exercise department—I usually elect to take the stairs rather than the elevator, I enjoy leisurely strolls, and I try to stay somewhat active—but it's a bit embarrassing when I can't play one-on-one basketball with my little brother or swing a plastic baseball bat 3 times without being sore for days afterward. That's why I even bother to do this workout thing at all. That and I don't want to go insane from boredom.

So, I may not be a runner, but I can still appreciate what a little bit of jogging can do to my system. Just don't try to convince me to join a race or something.

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  1. LOL - Angie - you are amazing and I am so beyond impressed. While I may be one of those obnoxious 5-mile whiners, I hate weight lifting. With a passion. People who manage to do that and find any sort of fulfillment and enjoyment while doing so never cease to amaze me. Even watching a movie; could not do it. Consequently - my arm muscles are fairly pathetic/non-existent. You could probably kill me easily.