Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Well, if that was summer, then I've had it."

School is back in session. Temperatures are steadily declining. The leaves are changing colors. Rain storms are happening more abundantly. There is no denying it—summer is over.

I'm having a hard time believing it, though. My usual start-of-fall routine has been shaken up—I'm still living at my parents' house and I'm not back in school. Strangely, that doesn't make me sad or anything. I actually feel like I've just started my summer break. No more work, no more BYU—now I have time to do whatever I want. The next couple of weeks should be fun, as long as I don't let the stress of being jobless overtake me. And I won't be able to play whenever I want, because most everyone I know has to devote their playing time to studying. Lame.

It was a good summer, though. It was equally balanced between work and pleasure. I worked full time and still had time to be a part of a singles ward, go to institute, and hang out with my family. My life isn't usually quite that balanced. School has a way of tipping the scales a little bit.

So while I still didn't accomplish everything I wanted to (of course), I still think I did a better job than I usually do. I finished my last ASL class, I worked 40 hours a week, I took a week off work for no reason other than to relax, I saw the sights of Zion's and Bryce Canyons, I spent a Saturday at Sundance and watched Ryan Shupe and his Rubber Band play, I joined an awesome singles ward and decided to start preparing to go to the temple, I caught up with high school friends, I spent a lot of time rehearsing with my mom and sisters, I watched a lot of movies, I witnessed a lot of awesome rain storms, I went to my brother's high school graduation and my college graduation, I went on an overnight campout and rediscovered that camping is fun, I ate lots of good food, and watched many sunsets.

This list may not be very glamorous, but to me it signifies that my life has been full the past several months. I didn't experience any of the discontent or depression that I dealt with last summer because my life had more of a purpose. And I didn't experience any of the panic or sleep loss that usually comes with school because I wasn't insanely busy.

I'm not usually sad to see summer go, but this year I kind of am. Probably because it ended like a month earlier than usual. I'm not quite ready to pull out my jackets and socks. Hopefully there'll be a few more sunny days before we start smelling chimney smoke in the air.


  1. When did you go camping?

    I didn't know you could camp.
    (Said in the tone of Draco Malfoy speaking to Crabbe. Or Goyle...)

  2. Me and Kin went on an overnight Relief Society campout about a month ago.

    And I think Malfoy said that to Goyle . . .