Saturday, July 24, 2010

If only every weekend had 2 Saturdays

Even though I don't have to spend all of my Saturdays "catching up on homework" anymore, they never seem to last long enough. It's hard enough surviving an entire work week knowing that you'll only got one day of freedom at the end of it. I am always torn between filling my Saturday with wonderful nothingness or amazing productivity. I usually ere on the side of nothingness because I am too worn out to do anything really productive.

But when you get a 3-day weekend, there is no dilemma—you can have a day of nothingness AND a day of productivity. At the end of the first Saturday, you don't have to dread Sunday (because that means Monday is right around the corner) because the next day is Saturday again and you get another chance to do all that you want to do!

Whoever decided that a typical work week should consist of 40 hours over a 5-day period, anyway? Why can't we just knock off another work day? And then maybe 100 years from now they can add Thursday to the weekend. Before we know it, the "weekend" could be 5 days and the normal week could be 2 days. Then we can add a hundred or so holidays to the calendar so that we only have to work like 40 days a year. Brilliant plan.

Too bad no one ever listens to me.

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